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Place and Play™

Trippy is a wireless speaker with Place and Play™ technology. This means that you can skip annoying cables and bluetooth. Just play music on your phone and place it on Trippy. The sound is transmitted with magnetic induction, just like magic.

Bamboo design

Our choice of bamboo as material is motivated by both acoustics and the environment. We wanted to create a speaker that was better, more sustainable and more aesthetically appealing than conventional ones in plastic or metal.

Creating a social speaker

We want to redefine the speaker as a social focal point, around which friends and family can gather and seamlessly share their music with each other. Switching whose song is playing will never again be harder than just lifting one phone off, and placing yours on top instead.

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Our story

TThe idea for a new generation of wireless speakers was born gradually, at university and while traveling the world. During countless get-togethers with new and old friends at parties, dinners and rooftops, we discovered the need for a new type of speaker that could change streaming devices seamlessly, in order to allow greater interaction around the music. This idea grew to a pursuit to redefine the very function of wireless speakers and how we interact around them.

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