Place and play™

Our vision is to create a seamless way to transfer music from your phone to your wireless speaker. To avoid the unnecessary annoyance when your device does not connect easily and you have to turn Bluetooth on and off repeatedly. Or the awkward silence at the party when someone else wants to play music from their phone and you have to disconnect, and then wait for the new phone to connect.



We call the solution Place and Play. Utilizing four strategically placed sensors Trippy reads the electromagnetic fields generated by your phone’s internal speaker. Trippy then translates this into conventional electric current that is transmitted to the powerful sound system. Using your wireless speaker will never be harder than just placing your phone on top of Trippy. It is science, but it feels like magic.


BAMBOO design

Our choice of bamboo as material is motivated by both acoustics and the environment. We wanted to create a speaker that was better, more sustainable and more aesthetically appealing than conventional ones in plastic or metal.

Contrary to popular belief, bamboo is technically a grass and not a tree. This makes it super-fast growing (up to 1 meter a day!) and thus one of the most environmentally friendly materials available. In addition, bamboo has great acoustic properties, making it a preferred material for instrument manufacturing all across the globe. It was a given choice for Trippy!

On top of that – it looks great. We chose a carbonated bamboo for its increased durability and slightly more sophisticated aesthetics, harmonizing perfectly with Trippy’s minimalistic Scandinavian design.

Creating a social speaker

We want to redefine the speaker as a social focal point, around which friends and family can gather and seamlessly share their music with each other. With Trippy, switching whose music that is playing will never again be harder than just lifting one phone off, and placing another one in its place.

Conventional connectivity, such as Bluetooth, requires waiting time when changing streaming devices. When wanting to just quickly play a song, pairing with Bluetooth is often too annoying to bother connecting to the speaker. Someone always ends up being the designated DJ for almost the entire night. Trippy is changing that, and promotes everyone to the collective DJ at your party.